Best Ice Cream Shop in Nashville

Seadog's Ice Cream opened in over a decade ago under new owners Corey and Jean.  Prior to changing ownership the Nashville ice cream parlor, located in Donelson county Tennessee, is affectionatly called "Mimi's".  

In 2010 Corey and Jean met in Nashville for their first date.  Corey was an SEO in Maine and Kathy was flourist.  When talk turned to marriage we decided to open a business so we could spend more time together.  Most of our dates ended up stopping somewhere for ice cream, so it was a natural that we would open our own ice cream parlor!

Over the winter of 2010/11 we expanded the facility and menu, growing Seadog's Nashville Ice Cream Shop into an old fashioned ice cream parlor in Nashville offering a variety of treats and food.  Seadog's has become a family favorite in Donelson. We have relished in the chance to offer the best coffee in Nashville.

We are residents of Nashville, active in community affairs as well as our church, Trinity.  The town council participated in our 2011 Grand Opening, as our minister opened with a prayer for God's blessing on our business.  Jean and I feel blessed to have found each other and had the opportunity to open Seadog's. Mimi's Ice Cream and Coffee Shop is happy to serve all!

We have nine grandchildren between us and love the kids and new friends we have made.  Many of our customers come in every day of their vacation and by the end of the week we feel like they are family!

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